Wholesale for Marine and Industry

We opened our doors in 2012, with the purpose of providing the marine industry with the best products, prices and services available to customers in Houston, the Gulf coast, the East and West coast, Mexico and South and Central America. We have chosen to focus on certain groups to kick start our company, which has shown to be a great success up to this point.

As we continue to grow, we will be making every effort to make MSW more accessible to all and to show case what we can provide by utilizing the internet, catalogs and flyers. Thanks to the support of our current customers, we've been able to make great strides thus far and we intend to continue to provide optimal customer service to loyal customers as well as gaining new customers around the world.

What we sell

We have concentrated on the electrical, galley, safety, packing and hoses groups. We will continue to add other groups and our goal is to become your "one stop shop" in the near future.

Maritime, Industrial and Welding products

Tableware, Clothing and Disposable products

Light sources and Appliances

Marine Stores Wholesale

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